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The Jumbuck-et
The Jumbuck-et

The Jumbuck-et

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YP Threads was first commissioned to design the new Australian $5 note. What you see before you is the finished product, however upon completing this design, we were told that it was too epic for such a note of such low monetary value. In fact, the Australian government said there was no note high enough to do it justice.
So we decided we’d do the next best thing and turn it into a sick bucket hat. You’re welcome.

YP hats are made specifically for those that froth that party vibe but also understand and respect the importance of sun safety. One size fits all!

NB: Our bucket hats are ONLY one size and fit a SMALL size head. If you’ve got a larger melon, it’s best you get around our legionnaires hats, as they are adjustable.  



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