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        Let Our Design Team Create Your Own Custom Design !



        $500 design fee, $59.95 for board shorts, $69.95 for shirts

        Minimum order is 20. We can offer discounts for larger quantities.

        Turn around time is approximately 5-6 weeks. 


        To get your customer YP Threads into production fill out the form below or send an email to support@ypthreads.com.au. We will be in touch within 12 hours.

        Please include these details in your email:

        • Colours, patterns, logos, images, wording (if you know)
        • Date required (roughly)
        • Quantity (roughly)
        • Products (party tuxedo/shirts/board shorts)

        *If you don't have this info yet, that's fine, you can still send us an email, we can help you out. 

        Welcome To The Party! 

        Here is some kit we made for The West Coast Hellfish:



        Fill out my online form.