The Low Down


How bloody good is free shipping? Pretty darn good, we know. That’s why YP Threads offers free shipping on all domestic orders over $100.


Now look, we understand that when you need a hand with something or need an answer to a question, there’s nothing worse than having to work your way through some ridiculous FAQ section on a website or even worse, having a yarn to some bludger who knows nothing about what it is you need help with.

We WANT to hear from you. We WANT you calling us anytime you need help… And if for some reason you call and we don’t answer, we WILL be getting back to you ASAP.

So, let me spell it out for you… You’re on the YP Threads website, you spot a fresh pair of threads and think to yourself “Oh man, I need these bad boys in my life, right now.” You add them to your cart, buy them, wait with bated breath beside your letterbox counting down the seconds until your gear arrive. And them BAM! You have your order hit your little hands.



PREORDERS: Our pre-order dates are set as a guide only. These times are subject to change as manufacturing delays are out of our control.



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