The Let’s Get Lei’d
The Let’s Get Lei’d

The Let’s Get Lei’d

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Over a dozen scientists from the McFly Institute have studied this bucket hat and all have confirmed that if you wear it, you will get lei’d… It’s science.

YP hats are made for those of you that froth that party vibe but also value the importance of sun safety. Getting lobstered during a day sesh will become a thing of the past… Would you like to know more? Check it out:

  • 100% Polyester (like our boardies - made with those sweaty boys in mind)
  • Internal netting (because everyone needs some fresh mesh on their melon)

NB: Our bucket hats are ONLY one size and fit a SMALL size head. If you’ve got a larger melon, it’s best you get around our legionnaires hats, as they are adjustable.



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