About YP Threads


*Sung to the tune of Fresh Prince of Bel Air*

Now, this is a story all about how,
2 brothers and a mate from ol’ Brissy town.
Loved nothing more than some beers and barbie,
So they wanted to spread the love and say “Welcome to the Party”.

OK, enough of that. We promise we won’t attempt any more rhymes (no matter how dope they may be). That said, we’re still gonna fill you in on the story of YP Threads and how we came to be the leaders in all things party vibes and good times.

It all started with 2 brothers, Jake and James, who had always wanted to start their own business together, so they decided to go into the rag trade. You’re probably expecting me to say “And that children, is how YP Threads was born” in a Richard Attenborough/John Hammond-type voice. Alas, it was not.

The brothers first foray into the fashion world was a brand retailer whereby they would buy and sell other labels’ gear. After several years and hundreds of thousands of dollars down the drain, the brothers decided to change things up because their business was not getting any traction whatsoever.

Jake and James decided if they were going to do business in the fashion world, they’d do it their way. They had a small batch of their own designs made up and let them loose on a select few of their friends to see their response… And the lads absolutely frothed it!

And that children, is how YP Threads was born. *Said in Richard Attenborough/John Hammond-type voice.*

It was this reaction from the lads that changed the way Jake and James wanted to run their business. Once the first batch sold out, they started to sell to people they didn’t know, and they thought it was crazy to treat their new customers any differently from their mates. Their friends would also take hilarious photos of themselves wearing their YP kit and the brothers realised that's what people want to see more of … That’s where Jaybor comes into play.

Looking at both Jaybor’s personal and professional history, you’d be forgiven for asking the question “What can this bloke bring to the table that is of any worth.” In fact, Jaybor asks that same question almost daily. But the thing is, Jake and James thought to themselves “Jaybor is the exact type of bloke we want wearing our kit, so why don’t we get him in the mixer to help us out with that?” That there is how the YP Crew was rounded out and things were in place to get this bad boy humming.



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