We've all got them: those mates who who after a few beers turn into a pissed political pundit.

It seems like midweek they're just a normal bloke/sheila, going about their business like everyone else. Then come 7pm Friday, you either have Karl Marx trying to explain the intricacies of Das Kapital and how it still applies today, or you have your real estate mate making 40k a year talking about how taxation is just another term for "daylight robbery".

God forbid you ever get these 2 bludgers in the same room together.

We all know nothing brings the vibe of a party down quite like politics. For the sane majority of us, parties are a chance to escape shit like that.

Well, come election time, the level of political chat in Australian pubs SKY ROCKETS! In fact, according to a recent poll we just completely pulled out of our arse, political discourse is set to rise by over 500% this weekend.

So to protect your good vibes from being ruined this weekend, we have brought you a list of various conversation topics you can sink your teeth into, so as to avoid the quagmire of boring AusPol chat.

  1. Do they keep their Vegemite in the fridge or pantry?
  2. What piece of clothing from their childhood, if it still fit, would they wear today?
  3. If you were in witness protection, where would you go and what would your name be?
  4. Why is season 8 of Game Of Thrones is so shit?
  5. Explain to them how if you grew up in America, you'd 100% be playing in the NFL right now.
  6. Ask them to recall their favourite high school party.
  7. Would you rather never be stuck in traffic again, or be able to park anywhere for free?
  8. 100 reasons why Ussy Khawaja is the best bloke in the country (pretty easy).
  9. Favourite flavour of Cruiser?
  10. Do you still get nightmares?

That's just a taste of all the other things you could be talking about this weekend, other than politics.

Forget the politicians... YP are the real public servants.



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